Supported by the National Science Foundation Spectrum Innovation Initiative (NSF SII), the BEST-NEST center is planning an invitational workshop on New Paradigms in Intelligent Spectrum Management and Regulations. The workshop brings together visionary researchers from academia, industry, and government agencies with vital interest in spatial and temporal spectrum management for active and passive devices to define the future directions of research and development for the United States to maintain her leadership in the future of this emerging area of research and entrepreneurship. The academic aim of the workshop is to facilitate conversation and collaboration to identify important emerging areas of research and development and to create a multi-disciplinary team of diverse research communities and industries to investigate and plan for the current and future directions in intelligent spectrum management research, development, and entrepreneurship. The social impact aim of the workshop is to engage academia in practical research to fuel startup companies for the prosperity of the economy and to generate and apply new cross-disciplinary curriculum to train the next-generation task force. To maintain a broader impact, workshop participants are selected from diverse communities representing academic research, policy making and regulation, entrepreneurship and economics, and STEM education. The workshop includes four keynote speakers and eight panel discussions addressing technical research, economic aspects, and education. The video proceeding of the workshop will be posted for the public to benefit from the results. The workshop participants target applications in navigation, environment and healthcare, surveillance, urban transportation, and smart buildings.